1. flex, bow, crook, twist, contort; curve, turn, swerve, veer, deviate, divagate, deflect, diverge; circle, coil, curl, spiral, loop; meander, worn, zigzag, wind, wind in and out, sinuate; hook, angle off, shoot off at an angle; arch, vault, camber, inflect.
2. mold, shape, determine, regulate; influence, sway, move, affect, dispose, predispose, warp, distort, prejudice, jaundice; compel, impel, induce, constrain, coerce, override, prevail over, gain the upper hand, wear down, soften up; master, dominate, predominate, domineer, rule, control, govern, boss, lead by the nose, twist around one's little finger.
3. subdue, subjugate, conquer, vanquish, suppress, overcome, overwhelm, overpower; crush, smash, humble, humiliate, bring one to his knees, bring to terms.
4. direct, point, aim, train, fix, set; incline, bear, head, steer; tend, trend, lean, bias; heed, mind, pay heed or attention, attend to, look after, turn to, set one's mind to.
5. stoop, crouch, squat, hunch, get down; bow, curtsey, genuflect, nod, bob, salaam, kneel; kowtow, bow and scrape, prostrate oneself, grovel, truckle to, cower, cringe.
6. yield, submit, acquiesce, concede, accede, agree, comply, concur, give way, give in; surrender, capitulate, succumb, give up, Sl. throw in the towel; relax, relent, soften, let up on, mellow.
7. bend over backwards
go to great pains, go to great lengths, go to the trouble, go out of one's way, put oneself out, make a special effort.
8. deviation, divergence, divagation, divarication, deflection, flecture.
9. curve, bow, turn, twist, bias, warp, veer, swerve, slue, skew; hook, crook, angle, dogleg, hairpin turn; meander, zigzag, Chiefly Scot. wimple

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